3rd July 2018

“We make health our happiness” ~ Heath&Heather x Twice the Health

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Twice The Health is made up of qualified Nutritionist, Emily and qualified PT, Hannah. They met during their time at University in Cardiff, sharing the same passions; food and exercise. The girls set themselves HUGE physical challenge each year, with the mission of inspiring people to find their own challenge, whatever that may be. 2016 saw them running 50km around the Grand Canyon and in 2017, they ran 50km along & around, up & down The Great Wall of China and along the Great Ocean Road. They then topped this off with a mega 157 mile adventure taking them from London to Birmingham, to launch the National Running Show at the NEC.

“We follow one mantra, which tends to coincide with everything we do from lunch to lunges… to ‘make health our happiness’. For us that’s mad running adventures, and exploring the ever growing food industry. We also want to inspire our followers to create their own adventures, which is one reason we’ve loved working with Heath & Heather on its ‘Me the Power of Tea’ campaign. Whether it’s a pre-run brew that makes you feel so badass you’re ready to tackle whatever the roads and weather throw at you, a post-workout cuppa or a tea-riffic recipe, Heath & Heather has something for everyone…the flavour choice is all yours!”

“H’s favourite flavour, Green Tea and Turmeric, inspired us to make a recipe for poached salmon, with coconut quinoa, peas and asparagus. Poaching the salmon in water instilled with Heath & Heather’s Organic Green Tea & Turmeric teabags gave it a slightly sweet taste and succulent texture.

Check out H’s Green Tea & Turmeric Poached Salmon recipe here.

Of course sweet should always follow savoury so using E’s favourite, we whipped up a batch of Oriental Chai and Liquorice Tea Carrot Cake, using the Chai and Liquorice tea to supply the strong flavours. This twist on the classic carrot cake offers just the right amount of cosy comfort needed this time of year. Hey you could even pair it with a brew too!”

Don’t forget to try E’s Chai & Liquorice Carrot Cake recipe here.

Other firm favourites of Twice the Health include Heath & Heather Organic Green Tea and Ginger, and Organic Apple and Cinnamon.

To find out more about the girls, click here to visit their Instagram page.

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