20th September 2018

Our advice for organic shopping

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It’s a common misconception that shopping for organic produce and ingredients will cost you an arm and a leg. Heath & Heather organic tea is on sale from £2.19 for a box of 20 herbal tea bags – which shouldn’t break the bank.

Throughout this month the Soil Association celebrates Organic September to encourage more farms and people to grow and eat organically. Heath & Heather has shared their top tips to shop organic within budget.

Eat with the seasons

The first tip to eating fresh organic produce is eating what’s in season. In September, summer is coming to an end and autumn produce is abundant; from apples and apricots to swiss chard and wild mushrooms, there is plenty to stock the cupboard with!

Preserve and pickle

Preserve and pickle in-season fruit and vegetables to use out of season. For example, preserve apples and freeze blackberries now for use in wintry fruit pies and crumbles.

Stock up on store cupboard essentials

Staples like organic pasta, canned tomatoes, beans and other dried goods can often be found for the same price as non-organic items. Buy them in bulk to save money per kg.


Bag yourself a box

There are plenty of organic box schemes that cut the cost and time of sourcing fresh, local and seasonal produce and deliver it right to your door. There are many options that can include meat, dairy and eggs as well as fruit and vegetables, so you can choose the scheme to suit your diet. Boxes produced from a local farm or project are often cheaper than one of the big nationwide box schemes.

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Soil Association

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