3rd July 2018

“Life wasn’t meant to be lived in one place” ~ Heath&Heather x Mollie Bylett


Mollie Bylett is the personality behind ‘Where’s Mollie?’, Content Creator and Founder of Where’s Mollie Global Travellers.

Mollie, 24, is the blogger, vlogger, photographer, videographer, personality and travel expert behind ‘Where’s Mollie?’ Mollie’s blog was born in 2013 when she finished her A Levels and spontaneously headed out on a nine-week trip around Asia. Mollie grew up in Berkshire, but for the last two years has hopped around 35 countries, living out of her suitcase and working with brands including GoPro. Mollie prides herself on creating relatable and inspiring content for her travel community to ultimately inspire them to step out of their comfort zone and to pursue their own dreams. Mollie creates comprehensive travel guides and shares tips, hacks and personal experiences throughout all of her adventures.

I am a strong believer that, for some, life wasn’t meant to be lived in one place. I also don’t think you can ever really plan your life, you can have ideas, but ideas change. As do people, the world and your options. The key to life is to not always have to look forward to things, it is to realise the beauty of right now and live your life to the fullest. Life without adventure, to me, is not a life i could ever live and that’s one reason why I love Heath & Heather, being an adventurous brand. There’s so many different and unique flavours for example Matcha Green Tea & Seaweed – I did initially doubt this combination, but it’s now a firm favourite, so yummy! Also, all teas are 100% natural, with no artificial colours or flavours so what’s not to love?!

I’m always on the go, exploring whether that’s a trip abroad or something closer to home and I have a number of travel essentials which I always take with me, tea bags being one of them. Heath & Heather is perfect for this, as the individual sachets mean I can mix and match my favourite flavours and take them on the go in my travel wallet. My current obsession is Organic Green Tea with Rama Tulsi. Unlike some green teas, it doesn’t have a bitter aftertaste and is super light and refreshing, the perfect way to start the day. Other favourites include Raspberry Leaf (the yummiest fruit flavoured tea I’ve ever tried!) and Organic Apple & Cinnamon, which is the perfect winter warmer.


"Life without adventure, to me, is not a life I could ever live and that's one reason why I love Heath & Heather, being an adventurous brand."

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