20th September 2018

Create your own Heath & Heather Keychains

2 mins to read

There’s always a sense of guilt whenever we have to throw away our beautiful boxes, once all the tea is finished. A creative member of our team thought, “Why not use our boxes for handicrafts?”

For those with a disposition for DIY, or even for those without, we have for you a very easy step-by-guide guide on how to create your own keychains using a leftover pack from our newest product, Organic Green Tea & Turmeric.

Not only do you get those creative juices flowing, but you can also reduce how much you throw away!



Materials Needed:

Empty Heath & Heather pack

a key ring

any random pencil


your favourite pair of scissors/craft knife

your chosen design for the keychain

Step 1

  • Cut out 2 separate sides of the box using a pair of scissors. You can choose whichever sides you want.


Step 2

  • Trace your chosen design on the back of the cut-out side.
  • Next, trace the design on the front of the second side, so that you create a mirror image of the first cut-out.

Step 3

  • Cut out the traced shape with a craft knife.
  • stick the two sides together using glue, with the printed sides facing out.
  • And finally, attach the key ring to the design, and you now have your very own Heath & Heather Keychain.

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