1st November 2019

What is in our Packaging?

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Heath & Heather’s packaging design is inspired by wild English hedgerows, helping to communicate the brand’s close-to-nature philosophies. The ‘garden stake’ label that sits at the front of the hedgerow illustration harks back to Heath & Heather’s beginnings when Samuel & James Ryder first founded the company, selling seeds in penny packets.


Frequently Asked Questions


What are your teabags made from?

Heath & Heather organic teabags are made from natural wood pulps and long fibres such as hemp. Our teabags do not contain any polypropylene which is used in alternative “heat sealing” manufacturing methods. Our teabags are simply folded and sewn with string!

Are your teabags recyclable and compostable?

Yes, all our teabags are industrial-compostable so can be recycled along with your usual food waste.

Do you use bleached filter paper?

All our organic teabags are comprised of a blend of unbleached fibres and totally chlorine free (TCF) wood pulps.

We do our utmost to provide our customers with products that are health conscious as well as great tasting and we would never employ any processes that we believe to be harmful to our customers.



What are the envelopes made of?

We have now launched our new totally plastic-free teabag envelopes which can be recycled in the usual paper waste stream.



Is the box/carton recyclable?

Yes, all our cardboard packaging is fully recyclable too!

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