Herb Specialists for over 90 years

At Heath & Heather, we’ve built our reputation on blending fruit and herbal infusions that are 100% natural.

We only use carefully selected natural ingredients that do not contain artificial flavours, preservatives or colouring – your guarantee of true flavour and nothing else.

Just as nature intended

The Heath & Heather range includes a wide variety of products ranging from those with
antioxidant properties such as the Green Teas to relaxing products such as Camomile & Night Time.

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For the second year running we are proud to announce that Heath & Heather has won Natural Lifestyle's ‘BEST HERBAL PRODUCT AWARD'. Once again we would like to thank all who voted for our Fennel Infusion making it number 1 for 2010.

Heath and Heather is delighted to receive the award for ‘BEST HERBAL PRODUCT' in the 2009 Natural Lifestyle awards.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who voted for our Heath and Heather Raspberry Leaf Tea. The infusion can be used in many ways and can provide a nourishing alternative to black tea.