Herb Specialists for over 90 years

At Heath and Heather, we like to think of ourselves as herbal pioneers. We have built our reputation on blending fruit and herbal infusions that are 100% natural. We carefully select only natural ingredients, containing no artificial flavours, preservatives or colouring.

Just as nature intended

The Heath & Heather range includes a wide variety of products with different properties including organic, antioxidant, wellbeing, relaxing and invigorating blends.

We at Heath & Heather are extremely proud to have received a number
of awards for our products


2013 'Great Taste Award’ award for Heath & Heather Liquorice & Oriental Spices


2010 'Best Herbal Product’ award for Heath & Heather Fennel Infusion.

2009 ‘Best Herbal Product’ award for Heath & Heather Raspberry Leaf Infusion